I love playing a large instrument!!

Playing tuba is lots and lots of fun…

It is especially fun when:

  • people give you looks carrying your instrument through the hall
  • you get bruises from trying to carry said instrument
  • people try to put things in your instrument
  • you constantly say “yea the big shiny one, thats me.”
  • you look tough because you are carrying big instrument through the halls ignoring aforesaid strange looks, and if anyone says anything, they know that you will hurt them with the muscles it takes to carry said instrument.
  • everyone can hear you when you play
  • people’s jaw drop when numerous other large instruments are marching in a row
  • you get your own stand (unless the trombones take them)
  • during marching band season, the student section decides they need to high-five your sousaphone
  • you have to explain to people that the sousaphone was NOT created by Dr. Seuss but by the guy who wrote the song that talks about being kind to your web-footed friend.

…There are probably more, but these are all that I can think of at the moment… I love playing tuba!

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